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If you are serious about growing your business then joining Commonwealth makes sense. We’re an established successful chapter of like-minded individuals that are here to help you connect, develop and win new business.

Training and mentoring

Joining BNI gives you access to unrivalled training events, with some of the best trainers in the country delivering the workshops. It also has its own unique mentoring program to help you get the most out of your membership when you join. This kind of training would cost you hundreds anywhere else.

Opportunity and development

You’ll also find plenty of great opportunities, not only to win new business but also to expand your offering with partnerships and joint ventures. That together with the willingness to help each other succeed you are never short on tips and advice from your fellow members to help you run your business.

A visitor's experience

“This was my first time at a business networking meeting and I was feeling quite nervous, I shouldn’t have worried from the minute I walked in the door I was given a warm welcome and made to feel at ease. Really enjoyed it!”

Julia Holden

Becoming a member

If you enjoyed the meeting and can see the powerful benefits of referral marketing then applying for membership is a simple 3-step process.

How do I apply

1. Attend the meeting
2. Complete a member application form
3. Submit that application form to our Vice President.

Within 1 week of applying you will be notified of the status of your application, and upon acceptance, you will lock out your competition.

If you have any questions they will be answered at the Visitors’ orientation session at the end of the meeting.

What will it cost

The fees associated with becoming a member are as follows. A one-off application fee of £125+vat and your participation fee of £475+vat for a 1 year membership, or as a new member you can make a 16% saving on a 2-year membership by paying £780+vat. There are a number of payment options to suit everyone.

The only other fee associated with membership to our chapter is a £60 venue fee that is paid monthly.


News and articles

With a diverse group of professionals and entrepreneurs in our chapter there will always be something interesting to read in this section. From advice and how to guides to breaking news and latest industry updates.

Referral marketing adds up

Referral or ‘Word of mouth’ marketing is a great way to generate new business. Why not come and see how your business could benefit?